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Conditions of car rental in Tunisia

Article 1- Definitions and general concepts

The various concepts Which Refer to thesis requirements Shall Be Interpreted in the light of the Commission Recommendation on Common Law Unfair and Relating to leases Governed by Tunisian law, by the Articles 726 and 727 of the Code of Obligations and contracts..
The rental agreement is concluded intuitive personae and can not be an assignment.
"You", "tenant" means drivers and payers listed on the lease and signed it that the Lessee.
"We", "the owner" means the CompanySynda Rent A Car, whose name appears on the rental agreement.
"Vehicle" means a passenger car or utility vehicle that we rent for the agreed duration of the Rental Agreement.
"Damage" is considered damage, any damage occurred to the vehicle including glass breakage, the latter including optics, mirrors and headlights.
"Flight" is equated with theft: vandalism, theft of accessories and attempted theft.
"Tunisia" means the country where the rented vehicle can circulate. Traffic outside of Tunisia is prohibited.

Article 2 - Conditions for renting a vehicle

You must provide us with proof, all essential to the establishment of your lease information including: your identity (passport), address (home and email), your fixed telephone number, number, date of issue and expiry of your license and place of issue, payment method of your rental.
A failure to communicate the data reservation request can not be completed.
Prior to delivery of the vehicle will be required a second form of identification by the production of electricity bill or telephone (landline only) of less than three months confirming your name and address as you have registered at the time of your reservation and your credit card, whose number must match the one you specified when booking to take a license to cover in advance any additional supplements that are not included in your reservation and the amount will be debited automatically return the vehicle in accordance with Article 5.
ATTENTION : Failing to submit these documents or failing to get a bank authorization prior to delivery of the vehicle or that you did not meet the requirements specified in rental reservation, including, among other things, if you have entered information wrong in your personal booking, we would be unable to rent a vehicle and all pre prepaid prices forfeited to Synda Rent A Car. Credit Cards Electron, Maestro and Aurora are not accepted
Tout Drivers must be held for at least 24 months of driver's license, valid and relevant to the category of vehicle rented. It must also be older than 22 years (the age requirement may be higher for certain categories of vehicles).
In addition, a fee will be required for any driver aged 22 to 25 years (5 TND TTC per day).

Article 3 - vehicle

Article 3.1 - Vehicle condition

A descriptive statement of the vehicle is attached to your contract. You agree to put in writing before you leave the station, any apparent defect which does not appear there. Otherwise, we are deemed to have delivered a vehicle according to the descriptive.
We unfortunately can not consider complaints regarding apparent damage have not been reported at the time of departure.
You must return the vehicle in the condition you received it. All fees rehabilitation, resulting from a fault of the tenant, will overload the cost of the rental, subject to the provisions of the "Optional contractual waivers" section.

Article 3.2 - Use of the vehicle

You never have to drive the vehicle elsewhere in Tunisia.
Accordance with the principle individual nature of penalties, you are responsible for crimes committed during the term of the lease. Thus, you are informed that your details may be disclosed to law enforcement, national or legal guard upon request.
You agree to use the vehicle in "good father" and in particular, without being under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other substance likely to affect the performance in accordance with the code of the road and use it for its intended purpose which, for a particular vehicle is mainly the carriage of persons as free and for a utility vehicle, is mainly the carriage of goods.
ATTENTION : In case of poor appreciation of the vehicle gauge.
High shock body and lower body are not covered by the warranty damage except to prove the case of force majeure.
You do not have to use the rented vehicle including:
to be rented;
for the transport of persons for remuneration;
to transport a number of people than that shown on the vehicle registration;
to participate in rallies, competitions or trials, regardless of the place;
to give driving lessons;
to push or pull another vehicle (except vehicles equipped with a hook - maximum load 1000 kg);
on not passable roads or surface or the maintenance condition poses risks for tires or parts under the vehicle;
to commit an intentional offense.
Goods including baggage carried in the vehicle, including their packaging and stowage must not damage the vehicle or cause unreasonable risks to its occupants.
When you park the vehicle even for a short stop, you agree to close the vehicle key.
You should never leave your car unoccupied with the keys in the ignition. Failure to return keys and vehicle documents will result in forfeiture of the guarantee flight.
In case of damage or theft, you must send to the landlord, in the shortest possible time, the accident report or the receipt of report given by the authorities, as well as keys and vehicle documents. A breach of the rules mentioned above will be billed vehicle.
ATTENTION : l'article 3-2 sets out the minimum requirements to be met during the period in which you have custody of the vehicle.

Article 3.3 - Maintenance / mechanical problems

During your rental and the number of kilometers you will have to perform the usual checks (coolant level, engine oil level beyond 1000 km, tire pressure, etc..) accordance with a usage of "good father." In this respect, the Tenant will remain vigilant to any signal emitted by the alert appearing on the dashboard of the vehicle lights and take all the necessary precautionary measures, where appropriate, such as emergency stop.
The vehicle is provided with five tires whose state is consistent with the traffic regulations. In case of damage to one of them for any reason other than normal wear and tear, latent defect or force majeure, you agree to immediately replace it at your expense with a tire of the same size, same type , same brand, and even wear.
In case of mechanical failure only (excluding accidents), you get a support service included in the rental price. The conditions of this assistance are set out in section 8 below "Conditions of Insurance, Assistance and Useful Tips".
ATTENTION : Synda Rent A Car does not undertake to provide you with a car of a specific model, or specific color and reserves the right to make changes if necessary. We guarantee against you by the category of your choice and in case of non-availability to a higher category.

Article 4 - Notion of computation

The tenant agrees to return the vehicle to the lessor at the date and under the lease under penalty time to face civil and criminal and billing late fees prosecution. An excess of 179 minutes is granted. A maximum of two (2) hours will be charged. Beyond these five hours, an entire day will be charged.
ATTENTION : No extension is possible without the permission of owner Synda Rent A Car.
ATTENTION : There is no need to refund for any shorter lease term as provided in the reservation.

Article 4.1 - Prolongation of rental

Le tenant should ask the landlord at least 48 hours in advance, the extension of the rental accompanying the corresponding provision under penalty of exposing themselves to prosecution for carjacking and breach of trust.
However, the landlord reserves the right to refuse the extension of the lease, without compensation to the tenant, with the requirement for it to return the vehicle immediately.

Article 4.2 - End of the rental

Rental ends with the return of the vehicle, its keys and papers in the office of the owner, agent Synda Rent A Car. In no event will you return the keys to people claiming to be agent Synda Rent A Car.
The vehicle is supplied with a full tank. You must return it with full fuel.
If If the vehicle is returned without refueling, the fuel supplement will be charged.
We invite you to attend the inspection of the vehicle on its return and countersign with one of our agents the inspection report before you leave, so as to jointly find any damage and avoid any inconvenience to both parties.
In the event that the vehicle is returned without its key a lump sum of 150 TND will be charged and, where appropriate, the costs of returning the vehicle in accordance with Article 5.
The owner can not in any way be held responsible for goods that have been left in the vehicle at the end of the lease.
ATTENTION : Only by taking possession of the vehicle, documents and keys to the agent, the opening of the agency hours permit to terminate the lease.
Reminder: you are liable until the end of the lease.
Exceptions : in case of forfeiture or sealing of the vehicle, the lease may be terminated automatically when the owner will be informed by the judicial authorities or the tenant.
Any use of the vehicle that would prejudice the landlord allow it to automatically terminate the lease.
In case of theft, the lease shall end upon delivery to the company of complaint made by the tenant to the competent authorities.
In case of accident, the lease shall end upon delivery to the company of an accident report completed by the tenant and the prospective third.

Article 5 - payment

Article 5.1 - price

Price, subject to an advance partial payment, can not be shed, or be combined with any other promotional offer. The booking confirmation with advance payment is not transferable.
The price includes the contractual guarantee for any damage caused to the vehicle subject to a non-waivable. (See Table franchises irredeemable CDW)
The price paid by anticipation excludes any additional costs that are not specifically mentioned as included in the booking confirmation with advance and any additional optional services which are the responsibility of the customer payment. The same credit card valid must be submitted to the Agent Synda Rent A Car prior to taking the vehicle, the number must match the one you specified when booking. Credit cards Maestro, Electron and Aurora are not accepted.
The tenant agrees already on the flow corresponding to the credit card used in the amount of non-waivable bank account (see table at end of document) and all other fees and surcharges, including for damage (s) or theft of the rented vehicle.
Tenants are jointly liable for the full cost of the holiday.
The lessee expressly agrees that the failure to pay one invoice when due or unpaid authorizes the lessor to require the immediate return of the vehicle during the rental.

Article 5.2 - Deposit

The amount of the deposit depends on the one hand, the category of the leased vehicle and, secondly, additional safeguards included in your fare. This deposit is an advance on the compensation of the damage suffered by the landlord because of damage or theft.
The tenant is automatically covered when choosing a tariff including contractual guarantees given on the contract damages, a deposit equal to the amount of the non-waivable to be borne by the renter in case of damage or theft will be claimed per claim.
The deposit will be forfeited to the landlord for any damage caused to the tenant and if the vehicle is stolen and this for the damage suffered.
In the absence of damage and / or theft, and assuming that no supplement is found to return the vehicle, then the amount of the deposit actually paid will be refunded at end of lease.

Article 5.3 - Conversion of payment

With the tenant as payment from the lease, a credit card whose home currency is other than the Tunisian Dinars, has the ability to pay the rent in Tunisian Dinars or this currency.
This choice can be changed by the tenant to return the vehicle to the condition that demand the immediate establishment of an invoice. A default choice from the rental will be considered final.
If the tenant opts for payment in the original currency of the card, the amount charged VAT for rental will be converted after the invoicing following the aggregate exchange rate of the day determined by the network cards interbank plus a 3% commission.
If for any reason whatsoever, the conversion can not be performed by the Lessor, the transaction shall be effected in the currency of the country of rental

Article 5.4 - Cancellation and unsupported vehicle expenses

The repayment schedule is calculated on the date booked departure:
You may cancel your reservation after obtaining confirmation. Any cancellations must be made on site www.alquiler-coches-tunez.com and take effect on the date and time the cancellation was recorded in the computer system owner Synda Rent A Car.
The amount of the deposit on booking subject to a prepayment will be refunded less a cancellation fee calculated according to the following scale:
More than 31 days prior to departure: 0% fee
31 to 8 days prior to departure: 10% charge
For 7-4 days before departure: 30% charge
3 days to 1 day: 70% of costs
Date of departure: 100% charge
No refund will be given if the customer does not rent the vehicle at the date and time if booked and failed to inform Synda Rent A Car Site www.alquiler-coches-tunez.com; no refund will be payable if either the bond that should be reserved on your credit card is not obtained at the time of pick up.
ATTENTION : In case of refund, the following will occur no later than 90 days after the date on which the cancellation was recorded in the computer system owner Synda Rent A Car.

Article 6 - Liability for damage caused to the vehicle or theft

You are responsible for the vehicle you have custody.
Thus, in case of theft or damage thereto by your fault or no fault of a third party, you will indemnify the owner for the damage actually suffered (cost of repairs, market value vehicle, capital costs, fees ...).
At the end of the lease, in case of damage or theft, an amount equivalent to the non-waivable you will be charged (see section 7-1). If the amount of damage suffered by the landlord exceeds this amount, the difference invoice will be sent. If the prejudice suffered by the landlord should be reduced (vehicle within 60 days, sharing or total responsibility of a third ...), the / tenants would be reimbursed up to this decrease.
This liability is limited by guarantee in case of damage and / or theft "diminished responsibility" set out in Article 7.

Article 7 - Our contractual guarantees

Article 7.1 - CDW Collision Damage or theft TP

To the contractual guarantee in case of theft, as underwriting one of our contractual guarantees in case of damage to your vehicle liability is reduced to the amount of the non-waivable, fixed amount that will be charged per occurrence of damage or theft.
The amounts of non-redeemable franchises (FNR) and TTC TTC per day costs of these guarantees are:
Contractual guarantee for damage CDW: the amount (FNR) TTC varies by vehicle category (see Table guarantee for damage CDW) the additional cost per day of the contractual warranty is 2 TND TTC
Contractual guarantee in case of theft TP: the amount (FNR) TTC varies by vehicle category (see table guarantees in case of theft TP) the additional cost per day of the contractual warranty is 4 TND TTC
The purchase of one of these two contractual guarantees in case of damage is compulsory for drivers aged 22-25 years.
If the actual amount of damages suffered by accident by the lessor is less than this amount, only the lesser of two amounts will be charged.
If your responsibility is unobstructed, and the reimbursement received from the third party responsible for the accident, the amount will be fully refunded.

Article 7.2 - Decay of the warranty

Drivers not specified in the Rental Agreement, and that the renter is responsible, can not claim the benefit of guarantees Damage and Theft of the vehicle. These guarantees are valid in Tunisia during the term of the lease. Disrespect of any of the obligations expressly set forth in articles 2, 3-2, 4-2 of these Terms will result in forfeiture of contractual guarantees. The renters will be responsible for the entire loss in terms of the common law of torts.

Article 8 - Conditions of insurance and assistance


All vehicles fleet Synda Rent A Car are insured for bodily injury and property damage that you may cause to third parties as a result of an accident involving the vehicle, in order to comply with compulsory insurance.
Insurance people transported:
It covers the driver and all passengers in case of accidents related to the use of the vehicle. This insurance provides reimbursement of certain medical expenses and the payment of a death or permanent disability.
ATTENTION : order not to be excluded from the warranty, you must respect the geographic traffic limitations mentioned in section 3-2.
You must also comply with the requirements of the general rental conditions relating to the operation of the vehicle, including those for driver's licenses, the conditions for security and prohibitions on participation in rallies, competitions or trials, the use of towing trailers or other vehicles, and transport of persons for remuneration. Otherwise, if the driver's responsibility is engaged, the insurer reserves the right to bring an action on behalf of or against ours said conductor and / or lessee of the vehicle.

Article 8.2 - Terms of assistance - Troubleshooting

You get for the duration of your tenancy agreed with Synda Rent A Car no extra cost to a minimum service road assistance, related to the use of the vehicle in case of mechanical failure only.
In case of accident or mechanical failure, we provide a breakdown service 24/24 throughout the territory of Tunisia. In case of emergency, please contact us at (+216) 71.293.712 during office hours and (+216) 22.550.011 - (+216) 22.408.804 24 and that of 24 and 7 of 7.

Article 9 - Evidence Convention

The image of the contract will be physically stored on a permanent medium. It is agreed between the parties that this image will be the legal value of an original document.

Article 10 - Jurisdiction clause

Any dispute between merchant born of this contract and which could not lead to an amicable agreement shall, to the extent permitted by law, the jurisdiction of the Tribunal whose Social Headquarters depends Synda Rent A Car.

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